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Information about copper sorts and copper scrap prices

This page contains information about the development of the price for copper scrap. Please scroll down for more information. Please come to us with all your scrap copper: light copper, heavy copper, hand stripped copperwire (millberry), overhead wire/trolley wire, brass, brass rod turnings and grindings, copper turnings, mixed copper, tin-plated copper, electrolytic copper, bronze, manganese bronze, heaters/boilers, etc. Using a modern analysis device we can easily determine the copper-alloy’s composition and thus your metal’s value.

We are furthermore specialized in insulated copper cable and PVC cable, different sorts of copper wire, lead insulated cables, etc. Please take a look at our ‘Cable and wire’ page.

Rood koper

How we determine our copper scrap price

We use current prices for copper scrap based on the LME courses (see graph below). The used copper price varied per copper sort over the past year:

  • Clean copper (depending on the sort): € 3–4.40 p/kg;
    • Brass / yellow copper: € 2–2.60 per kilo;
    • Insulated copper cable: € 0.80– 1.80 p/kg;
    • Lead insulated cable (dep. on content): € 0.50-1 p/kg;
    • Copper wire with plug: € 0.50–0.80 per kilo.

Please contact us for information about current copper scrap prices: info@oudmetaalhandel.nl or call us: 015-2730575

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LME course 22 Sept. 2015 until 22 Sept. 2016 (in euro/ton)


Examples of different sorts of copper scrap