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Information about types of cables and wires and the PVC cable price

We pay a high PVC cable price for your (dirty) copper wire. Please come to us with all your cables and wires, such as PVC cables, data cables, pulling cables, coax cables, underground cables, aluminum cables, led cables etc. You are also welcome to have your cables destroyed in our cable shredder.

Kabel en draad

How we determine our PVC cable purchase price

We use current prices for used cables based on the copper or aluminum content and the LME courses of these metals (see graph below for copper). The PVC cable price, for instance, depends on the copper price and the copper content (copper percentage) of the cable or wire. Over the last 12 months, the copper cable purchase price varied between € 0.80 and € 1.80 per kilo. The underground cable prices varied between € 0.50 and € 1 per kilo, depending on the copper content, and we paid € 0.50 to € 0.80 per kilo for wires with plugs.


Please contact us for information about current prices of cables and wires: info@oudmetaalhandel.nl or call us: 015-2730575

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LME course 8 september 2015 until 8 september 2016 (in euro/ton)


Examples of cables for recycling

Our shredder for cables

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