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Fast service with liquid-tight battery boxes

Come to Geelhoed with your scrap batteries. Or have us pick them up; we pay competitive prices per kilo. The scrap battery price depends on the lead market price. We offer service and high prices for your scrap batteries.

You are welcome to come to our site to hand over the scrap batteries or you may ask us to pick them up. Whenever you want to know the battery price beforehand, please call to inform about the scrap battery price. We supply impermeable (battery) containers in several sizes. If necessary we make an appointment at your place. We have the solution for the removal, storage and transport of your scrap batteries and we can give you a quotation directly. We use two weighbridges and two scales to weigh the metals. You are welcome to ask us in advance with regard to the price per kilo and you may choose to be paid in cash or via bank transfer. Quick, easy, honest and transparent. Call us now to ask for scrap battery prices and to discuss your situation and requests!

Experienced in administrative issues

For decades we have been specialists in removing and purchasing all sorts of lead batteries. Over the years, thousands of tons of scrap batteries have come and gone. Millions of old car batteries, but also thousands of forklift batteries and numerous stationary lead batteries from solar power installations, switchboards and emergency power supplies. Our site has an impermeable floor to protect the environment from these products. If necessary we can take care of all your administrative issues with regard to your scrap accumulators.

Accu opslagplaats

We have the necessary permits

We possess all relevant permits to pick up, transport, take in and store both motor lead batteries (cars, forklifts) and stationary lead batteries (switchboards, emergency power supplies).

For more information, also about the price, please contact: info@oudmetaalhandel.nl or call us: 015 – 2730575.

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015 - 273 05 75

Please note: only lead containing (Pb) scrap batteries!!

Other battery types (nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion, rechargeable batteries etc.) will not be accepted.

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