Selling cables in The Hague and surrounding area

Hand over your cables to Geelhoed Metaalhandel

Geelhoed Metaalhandel in Nootdorp pays a high price for your cables and wires (dirty copper). Please come to us with all your cables and wires, such as PVC cables, data cables, pulling cables, coax cables, underground cables, aluminium cables, led cables etc. You are also welcome to have your cables destroyed in our cable shredder.

Selling cables and wires

When you hand over your old cables or dirty copper, we use current prices based on the copper content and the LME course of the metal concerned. To make life easier for you, we publish current prices for the main types of cable and dirty copper on our website daily.

Current prices cables and wires

Larger quantities may yield higher prices. Please call us if you have any questions with regard to selling different types of copper or cables, or larger quantities.

  Metal type Price / kg
PVC kabel PVC cable € 2.50 € 2.50
Data kabel Data cable € 2.40 € 2.40
Pel-kabel Peel cable (price from) € 3.20 € 3.20
Grondkabel Underground cable > 25% (price from) € 1.30 € 1.30
Grondkabel -kwaliteit Underground cable < 20% (price from) € 1.00 € 1.00
Kabelboom autodraad Cable harness / car wire € 2.90 € 2.90
Aluminium kabel Aluminium Cable € 0.90 € 0.90
Solar kabel Solar cables € 3.60 € 3.60

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More information about selling cables

Geelhoed Metaalhandel is located in Nootdorp, in the vicinity of The Hague. It is easy to reach Geelhoed from Delft, Pijnacker-Nootdorp, Zoetermeer, Leiden and the Westland area. If you are based outside the Haaglanden region you are also welcome to hand over old cables. If you would like to have more information about handing over cables or the prices of cables and wires, please call + 31 (0)15 273 0575. Or send a What’s app message to +31 (0)6 306 607 60.

Hand stripped copper and other types of copper

Please contact us if you would like to sell hand stripped copper, red copper (pipes), bronze, brass and other copper alloys. Feel free to visit our copper website page for more information and prices.

Trends in cable prices

The price of PVC cable, wire and all other cable types (dirty copper) depends on the price of new copper and the copper content (copper percentage) of a cable or wire.

De grafiek met de beurskoers van koper beschrijft de prijs van dit metaal over het afgelopen jaar

We use current prices for old copper based on the LME courses for new metals. The graph of the copper trading price shows the price of copper over the past year.

Cable destruction

We can help you with the destruction of your copper cables. Since 2012, we are in the possession of modern shredding equipment, which separates copper and plastic efficiently. Our work method is flexible, service-oriented and discrete; we issue a certificate of destruction if so desired. Please contact us for a test, so you can see the added value of our procedure for yourself.

Granulating cables in practice

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Our cable shredder: an impression

Geelhoed is the place to be for companies and individuals in The Hague and the surrounding area interested in handing over or destroying PVC cables, stripped cables, ground cables, data cables, aluminium cables and all other copper wires.

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