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We purchase different types of copper

Geelhoed Metaalhandel in Nootdorp is your partner whenever you want to sell and hand in all types of copper: red copper (pipes), red copper wire, brass, yellow copper, mixed copper, light copper, tin-plated copper, electrolytic copper, hand stripped copper wire (millberry), copper turnings, bronze, heaters/boilers, and much more.

Purchasing copper?

If you come from Nootdorp, The Hague, Delft, Rijswijk, Zoetermeer, the Westland, Haaglanden and surroundings or from farther away, we are happy to purchase your scrap copper. When we purchase your copper, we use a modern analysis device to quickly determine the copper alloy’s composition and thus your metal’s value.

We use current price information for scrap copper, based on the LME prices (daily rate) for new metals. We publish our daily scrap copper prices on our website.

Current price scrap copper

Higher prices may apply for larger quantities. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have questions regarding different copper types or larger quantities!

  Metal type Price / kg
Koper handgepeld Hand stripped copperwire € 7.70 € 7.70
Rood koper Red copper € 7.00 € 7.00
Vertind licht koper Tin-plated red copper € 6.80 € 6.80
Knip gemengd koper Light (mixed) red copper € 5.50 € 5.50
Geel koper messing Yellow copper (mixed brass) € 4.25 € 4.25

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We purchase copper cables (PVC) as well

Please contact us fort he purchase of PVC cables, all sorts of copper cables, underground cables and copper wire. For more information and relevant prices, please visit our ‘Cables and wires’-page.

Development in the copper price

The graph of the copper trading price shows the development in the price of (new) copper over the past year.

De grafiek met de beurskoers van koper beschrijft de prijs van dit metaal over het afgelopen jaar

General information about copper

Copper – the metal

Copper (CU, specific gravity 8.96) is a red, highly conductible and corrosion-resistant precious metal. The oldest copper tool ever found was approx. 7,000 years old. Copper was the first metal to be used to make tools, weapons and clocks. Throughout the centuries, copper has proven to be a valuable metal. A newspaper article about the recent discovery of a 16th century wreck in the Waddenzee underlines this. The old ship contained copper plates. Research showed that these copper plates were used to manufacture coins around the year 1540.

Applications of copper

Copper is found in copper mines and is nowadays mostly used in appliances and to manufacture cable or wire networks for electricity, water and information. Furthermore, copper is frequently alloyed with other metals, producing brass, yellow copper (copper + zinc) and bronze (copper + zinc + tin + lead or other elements).

  • Photos of a number of copper applications
  • Pictures of production (processes) of copper

Recycling of copper and determining the scrap copper price

Copper is a valuable metal. It is relatively easy to recycle copper and has thus been growing rapidly. This brings great gains for the environment, for example more than 40% energy savings compared to melting (of copper ore). The scrap copper price and our buyer purchase price are based on the LME courses.

Geelhoed is the address for companies or individuals in The Hague and surroundings who would like to sell and hand in scrap copper.

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