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Hand over / pick up service scrap batteries in The Hague and surrounding area

For more than sixty years, Geelhoed Metaalhandel in Nootdorp, close to The Hague, is the place to bring your scrap batteries. We are specialised in collecting all sorts of scrap lead batteries and offer a good price. Whether you perform installation work, battery sales, car repair or car disassembly or are an individual, you are welcome to bring you scrap batteries to Geelhoed Metaalhandel. We even accept scrap motor lead batteries of forklifts and stationary lead batteries for emergency power supplies. We buy your scrap batteries and offer quick and efficient service for the removal, storage and transport of large quantities of scrap batteries. We offer high prices at delivery or pick-up of scrap lead batteries.

Current price for scrap batteries

To make life easier for you, we publish our scrap battery prices on our website daily. Larger quantities may yield higher prices. Please contact us if you have any questions, also with regard to larger quantities.

  Metal type Price / kg
Loodaccu's Lead batteries (price from) € 0.48 € 0.48

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Scrap battery delivery: we take care of everything

It is easy to hand over your scrap battery. Please bring it to our company in Nootdorp, which is easy to reach from the directions of The Hague, Rotterdam, Zoetermeer, Delft and Leiden by taking exit 5 on highway A12. As soon as you enter our site, our staff is happy to help you unload your scrap batteries. They will help you correctly and efficiently. Based on the weight of your scrap battery and the current price, we calculate the day price and give you your money. You are welcome to check the scrap battery price on this webpage or call us for information. Quick, easy, honest and clear!

We possess all relevant permits to pick up, transport, take in and store both motor lead batteries (cars, trucks, forklifts) and stationary lead batteries (power plants, switchboards, emergency power supplies). We are happy to arrange the obligatory paperwork for all companies, e.g. traders, garages, transport and car disassembly companies.

Large numbers of lead batteries

In case you have a volume of 300 kilos of lead batteries or more (outside of Zuid-Holland volumes of 1,000 kilos) we can pick them up. We can offer you special liquid tight containers and battery boxes if desired. We have the solution for the removal, storage and transport of your scrap batteries and we can give you a quotation directly.

Experienced in administrative issues

For decades we have been specialists in removing and purchasing all sorts of lead batteries. Over the years, thousands of tons of scrap batteries have come and gone. Millions of old car batteries, but also thousands of forklift batteries and numerous stationary lead batteries from solar power installations, switchboards and emergency power supplies. Our site has an impermeable floor to protect the environment from these products. If necessary, we can take care of all your administrative issues with regard to your scrap accumulators.

Only lead batteries

Please hand over your scrap lead batteries and receive a high scrap battery price. We only accept lead batteries. How do you recognise a lead battery? On almost all lead batteries, the letters Pb are printed somewhere on the surface. This is the abbreviation of the Latin word for lead: Plumbum.

Please note: only lead containing (Pb) scrap batteries

Developments in lead price

Our scrap battery prices are based on the LME lead courses (see graph below) and processing costs for scrap lead batteries.

De grafiek met de beurskoers van lood beschrijft de prijs van dit metaal over het afgelopen jaar

More information about handing over your scrap batteries

Please contact us for information about handing over or pick-up your scrap batteries by email or call us: 015-2730575. Or send a What’s app message: 06 306 607 60.

General information about batteries

Lead batteries

 Lead batteries consist of a container made of polypropylene or bakelite, lead compounds and sulphuric acid. They are used for the electric propulsion of cars, forklifts and other means of transportation. Batteries are also used in emergency power supplies such as switchboards and other installations. We have the necessary permits

Recycling batteries and determining scrap battery prices

When scrap batteries of private individuals, garages and car demolition companies are processed – in total 20,000 tons per year in The Netherlands – hardly any residue remains.

Because of the positive residual value of lead, the return for recycling is very high (98%) which is why batteries are a constant factor in the product range of scrap metal companies. Nonetheless, in the early nineties, batteries were seen as hazardous waste. Thus, a permission is necessary to trade in batteries. There is no possibility to recycle batteries in The Netherlands, they are processed in plants abroad. The scrap battery price and our battery purchase price per kilo (or per ton) is based on the price for scrap lead, which is again based on the LME lead course.

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Geelhoed is the address in The Hague and surrounding area for companies and individuals to bring their scrap batteries.

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