Geelhoed Metaalhandel’s scrap lead price

Are you looking for a metal trading company in the The Hague area to sell your scrap lead? Geelhoed Metaalhandel is based in Nootdorp and pays high prices for scrap lead. Every day, companies and private parties from The Hague, Leiden, Delft, Rijswijk, Zoetermeer, the Westland area or other areas come to us to sell their scrap lead.

We pay current prices for scrap lead based on the LME courses for new metal. To make life easier for you we publish the daily lead prices on our website, as well as the tin and solder price.

Current scrap lead price

Larger quantities may yield higher prices. Please contact us if you have any questions, even with regard to different metal types or larger quantities.

  Metal type Price / kg
Lood Lead € 1.30 € 1.30
Tin Tin alloy (price from) € 7.50 € 7.50
Soldeer Solder (price from) € 4.00 € 4.00

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Hand in scrap lead easily

Please bring your scrap lead to our company. During opening hours, you are welcome to drive to our site in Nootdorp. Our staff are happy to help. We pay a high scrap lead price; immediately, in cash or via bank transfer.

Hand in large lead quantities

If you are not able to transport the scrap metal yourself, we are willing to come pick it up if there is a sufficient amount. We have lorries, pick-up trucks, containers and smaller boxes available to pick up and transport your scrap lead from The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, the Westland area, Zoetermeer, Leiden and their surroundings.

Lead price developments

We pay scrap lead prices based on the courses of new lead blocks in London. Please see the graph for more information about the price of new lead over the past year.

De grafiek met de beurskoers van lood beschrijft de prijs van dit metaal over het afgelopen jaar

General information about lead

Lead (abbreviation Pb, specific weight 11.35, melting point 327 ˚C) has a blue grey colour, is heavy, fairly soft and resistant to acid and corrosion. Lead is a frequently occurring natural substance and is used by man for thousands of years. The Romans used it as a metal to produce their water pipes.

Lead applications

Worldwide 5-6 million tons of lead are used each year. The main application (60%) is the battery for for instance motor vehicles. Furthermore, lead is used in chemicals (for glass, glaze and PVC), roof covers (intermediate material, e.g. between wood and zinc), bullets, cable covers and counterweights. The metal also offers protection from radioactivity and radiation. Lead has many applications.

  • Photos of lead applications
  • Pictures of the production (processes) of lead

Lead recycling and scrap lead price determination

It is relatively easy to recycle lead because of its low melting point and the materials characteristics. When lead is melted, contaminations become visible and can be removed. Lead can be recycled for 100%, although there is some loss because of dissipative use in gasoline, paints, crystal glass, pvc, etc. If lead is absorbed into the blood it can be a danger to people, which is a disadvantage. Several articles about this subject have been published in the press recently. Currently, former (old) lead pipes are being replaced by pipes made of different material in many municipalities. Plumbing and maintenance companies working for these replacement projects are welcome to bring their scrap lead to Geelhoed.

Easy to access

Geelhoed is the address for companies and private parties to hand in lead, tin and solders in The Hague and the surrounding area. Take exit 5 on the A12 highway from the directions The Hague, Delft, Rotterdam, Zoetermeer, Leiden the Westland area to our metal trading company. Every day we welcome clients who hand in their scrap lead, tin and solders.

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