A reliable partner to packet scrap metals

Geelhoed Metaalhandel has over 40 years’ experience in metal baling (packetting). Our baling/packetting services provide market opportunities for efficient handling, transportation and export. Our staff bales (packets) metals on a daily basis. Since 2019, we use solar energy, generated by 470 solar panels on our roof, to bale metal.

Advantages of baling and packetting metal

  • Saves space when stored
  • More efficient transportation and export of metals
  • Stipulate more favourable terms with buyers

Efficient and safe storage, transportation, export, processing and melting of metals is not an easy task. If you acknowledge the advantages and added value of packetting, please come to us.

Our experienced staff ensure quick service, excellent logistics and good processing prices. It is easier to store and transport scrap metal when it is baled and it often helps stipulate more favourable terms with processing and melting companies.

Which metals do we packet?

We are able to bale aluminium (foil, offset, turnings, blinds, wire, radiators, coolers) copper/brass (sheets, shreds, millberry/hand stripped), zinc, lead, iron and stainless steel (package size in cm: 40 x 40 x variable length). Moreover, we have modern equipment available to cut aluminium foil roles and to make sure packages are sorted, placed on pallets and loaded in sea containers. You are welcome to bring the metals to our premises and pick them up afterwards, however, Geelhoed is happy to arrange transportation for you.

Would you like to know more or arrange a demo or test baling?

Opening hours


07.30 AM – 17.00 PM


07.30 AM – 17.00 PM


07.30 AM – 17.00 PM


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Baling at Geelhoed: why?

  • Possibility for easy storage and transportation
  • Baling metals saves space
  • Cost effective when exported and melted
  • More than 40 years’ experience in baling
  • Sharp logistic eye, fast service and customer oriented
  • Favourable prices for processing

Experiences in baling (packetting) metal

For more than 40 years we provide packetting services for third parties. Many of your colleagues have found their way to our company. Our Metso-Lindemann scrap baler enables us to work quickly, flexible and give good packetting service. We can prepare your metals for optimal transport, export, warehousing and handling. Read more on Geelhoed Metaalhandel’s scrap metal baling services in Schroot Magazine (March 2020, article in Dutch) and see which advantages baling metal would bring.

Baling and sustainable energy

Sustainability is important to us. We generate our own green energy to contribute to a healthy environment. In November 2019 470 solar panels have been installed on our roof, enabling us to use renewable energy during a large part of the metal baling (packetting) process.

If you are interested in taking a look at our scrap baler from up close, you are more than welcome. We are keen on showing you what is left of your metal during the process. Please contact us by email or telephone: (00) 31 (0)15 273 0575. For more information, call us!