Our fast and reliable pick-up service

Would you like to have your scrap metals picked up anywhere in The Netherlands? Geelhoed is happy to pick up a sufficiently large quantity of metals at your place. We have modern vehicles and containers and boxes in several sizes available, especially for that purpose. If necessary, we have sealable shipping containers available. We can pick up all types of non-ferrous metal, iron, turnings, cables and lead batteries.

Please feel free to call us and discuss your situation and requests. If needed, we make an appointment at your place. We offer solutions for storage (see Container on location) and transport of scrap metals and are always prepared to estimate the value of your material. You are welcome to ask us in advance about the price per kilo and choose to be paid in cash or via bank transfer. Quick, easy, honest and transparent!

This is how our pick-up service works

Whenever you want to have your metals picked up anywhere in The Netherlands, please call us. If you like, we can inform you about the price beforehand. We will come to your place by truck to pick up your metals. At our site we weigh the materials on one of our weighbridges or scales. We offer competitive prices for your scrap metal. It saves time and effort to have your scrap metal picked up. You are welcome to accompany us to our site where we will pay you. Of course it is also possible to come by later to collect your money or to have it transferred by bank.

Do you want more information or have your metals picked up?

Minimum weight of metals we pick up

There is a minimum weight we use to pick up your scrap materials. The minimum weight for iron we pick-up locally is 1,000 kilos and for non-ferrous metals the minimum is 200 kilos.

If necessary, we can take care of all your administrative issues. Thus, it is no problem for Geelhoed to pick up your scrap metal. For more information about our pick-up service, please contact us by email or WhatsApp (0630660760) or call us: 015 273 0575