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Handing over scrap metals to Geelhoed (purchasing)

Our company traditionally purchases scrap metals. Please come to Nootdorp to hand over all sorts of scrap non-ferrous and ferrous metals. We purchase, among other things, copper, PVC cables, lead, zinc, aluminum and stainless steel. We are also interested in scrap iron (minimum scrap iron quantity: 100 kg).

For many years, Geelhoed has been a reliable partner for companies and individuals in purchasing. Please come to our site to hand over your metals. You may use all kinds of transportation: truck, transit bus, car or bicycle. Our experienced staff is able to assess the value of your material and help you unload quickly and professionally, using a crane, forklift or by hand.

We use two weighbridges and two scales to weigh the metals. You are welcome to ask us in advance with regard to the price per kilo and choose to be paid in cash or via bank transfer. Quick, easy, honest and transparent!

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Purchasing: what you should do

Companies and individuals may come to our site during opening hours and hand over their metals. An appointment is not necessary. You are welcome to call us in advance with regard to the metal price. We will help you quickly, we pay immediately and our prices are competitive. If you like, we can inform you beforehand about the metal price per kilo and we weigh your material using modern, calibrated equipment.

We use a modern analysis device to analyse special metals and alloys. This enables us to determine the composition of the metals and thus their value in a quick and precise manner.

Geelhoed has a direct link with the London metal exchange to determine metal day prices; therefore we use current price information. Material knowledge, transparency and honesty are important during our purchase of your metal!

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Please note!!     Materials we do not purchase
We do not accept car wrecks, white goods (refrigerators, freezers), lockers and gas cylinders or other pressure vessels. We do not accept seriously polluted materials, for example oil, synthetics, wood, rubber, etc

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