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Professionalism and flexibility: that is why customers come to Geelhoed

Geelhoed Metaalhandel cannot exist without its experienced staff. We are happy to employ eleven specialists, seven of whom are descendants of founder Jan Geelhoed and his wife. They are the cornerstones of the company. Among other things, they take care of loading and unloading on- and offsite and ensure immediate service. Our customers chose Geelhoed, among other things because our staff is friendly, decent and professional. They make us proud!

Service and flexibility as core values

Through the years, Geelhoed has always been a service-oriented and flexible company. For over sixty years, Geelhoed gives high priority to customer focus but also to transparency, honesty and fast service.


Customers come to Geelhoed for a good, honest price for their scrap metal, because of the friendly and professional staff and because of the fast service. Many customers have known the company for decades, because they visited the Geelhoed site with their father when they were young, to bring scrap metal. Director Gerrit van Winkelen (76) started at an early age himself.


When Gerrit was 14, he helped his second father – Jan Geelhoed, founder and name giver – with his company. He purchased all sorts of metals in Zeeland for a company in The Hague. This gave Jan Geelhoed the idea to start his own metal trading company in the fifties of the 20th century. Gerrit and his father operated the company for years. And now, more than sixty years later, he is still active. “It is a hobby”, he says. His sons Gert-Jan and René van Winkelen are also happy to work in the metal trade. The three of them constitute the executive board of Geelhoed Metaalhandel.

Move to Nootdorp

Geelhoed was established in the Boerhaavestraat in The Hague until the mid-seventies. The company moved to the Waldorpstraat. Gerrit rented a piece of land from the national railways, on a former coal yard. When the national railways did not want to renew the lease after thirty years, the director was keen on moving the metal trading company to his own property.

He became interested in a plot of land in Nootdorp and in December 2007, the company moved to brand new premises. The size of the plot is similar to that in The Hague (6000 m2), however the new outside area is larger and more efficient. There are two entrances to enter and leave the site and both the shed and the outside area offer a great deal of space to load and unload. Weighing is done on two weigh bridges (one inside and one outside) for truck combinations, transporters and trailers and on two scales (inside) for pallets, containers, bags, boxes and manipulable material.

The bright, red-brown facade bricks catch the eye, as well as the steel beam in the company colour (yellow), which serves as a landmark for visitors. As you can see on the photo below, the two gates are surrounded by aluminum home-made packets. This is our ‘business card’, which joins together all our activities.

An impression of our staff members