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How do we deal with our clients, staff and the environment?

The reason for the existence of Geelhoed Metaalhandel can be found in our environment, relations, staff and executive board. If our company wishes to develop in a healthy way, we will make sure the needs of these stakeholders are met in the future as well. In order to do so, we have adopted the Metaal Recycling Federatie (Metal Recycling Federation) codes of conduct. Please find the codes of conduct via the MRF website. Geelhoed’s four main intentions and objectives are:

1. Monitoring and improving services

Geelhoed Metaalhandel’s strength is our professional and flexible service. Our customers expect adequate service, as agreed with them based on a mutual agreement and our – often long and carefully built – relationship. Our staff has to be convinced that the quality we deliver meets the conditions we agreed on with the customer and that we communicate well with our customers. We work on continuous quality improvement by looking at our activities in a positive albeit critical manner; that way, we improve results and working atmosphere;

 2. Looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff

The quality of the service and the development of the organisation are linked to the wellbeing of our staff and their environment. Both the executive board and staff members are responsible for taking care of good labour conditions. We will be encouraging and maintaining continuous interaction between the executive board and staff members;

3. Objectives for the environment

We try to limit the environmental impact of our activities as much as we can, both onsite and on location. We pay attention to processing, transportation, storage and destination of the material. We meet – at minimum – all relevant environmental laws and permit requirements;

4. Active staff participation in organisation improvement

We publish this declaration of intent to announce our intentions and objectives. We would like to invite all those involve to actively think about how to improve quality, environmental care and labour conditions. Since April 2008, Geelhoed Metaalhandel is certified with the MRF Keurmerk (MRF Quality Label) to bring our vision into practice. This is an annual certification which is a good instrument to maintain and improve the organisation’s professionalism. We are interested in keeping our existing customers and attracting new ones. These are important conditions for healthy company development; it entails a contribution to the environment, preservation of employment and continuation of a healthy organization. These factors are of interest to everybody.

 The executive board and staff members make a joint effort to achieve the objectives mentioned above.