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Company Of The Week Metalface

Geelhoed Metaalhandel is bedrijf van de week bij Metalface

Met enige trots kunnen wij melden dat Geelhoed Metaalhandel door Metalface (het digitale schroot- en metaalrecyclingsnetwerk) is verkozen tot bedrijf van de week. In een interview op de website van Metalface vertelt directeur Gert-Jan van Winkelen alles over onze persactiviteiten en legt uit hij waarom klanten ons zo waarderen.

Heb je geen Metalface-account? Dan kun je het interview hieronder teruglezen.

Company of The Week, Geelhoed Metal Handling B.V.

Company of the week interview –  Geelhoed Metal Handling B.V.
Presented by Mr. Gert-Jan van Winkelen

1. Could you tell us something about the background of Geelhoed Metal handling?

Geelhoed Metal Handling in Nootdorp (central in the Netherlands, near the port of Rotterdam), is a specialist in the baling of metals for metal recyclers. The company has 50 years of experience in scrap metal baling for third parties in the Netherlands and surrounding countries and has become a very client-oriented company in this special discipline.

Besides the international baling activities, Geelhoed purchases metals from companies and individuals in the Netherlands.

Geelhoed is a family business and the fourth generation is currently working in the company. In former times, founder Jan Geelhoed purchased all sorts of metals in The Hague for the company he worked for. In the fifties of the 20th century he started his own trading company. Together with his son Gerrit, he operated the company for years. Nowadays, sixty years later, Gerrit is still active. His sons Gert-Jan and René van Winkelen are also happy to work in the metal trade.

Geelhoed Metal Handling was active on 2 locations in the center of The Hague, after that we have moved two times and now our site is located in Nootdorp.

Initially, we baled metals for our own use, because it makes it easier (and less expensive) to store and transport the metals. Occasionally, we baled for other parties. However, due to the increasing metal export and economic developments, which sometimes lowered the prices of metals, more and more customers got interested in having their scrap metal baled. These companies wanted to store their metals until prices increased again. They chose to have their metals baled in order to save space and export more efficiently.

2. What services do you provide and for whom?

For metal recyclers efficient and safe storage, transport and export of scrap metals is not as simple as it seems, due to lack of storage space on their company site and conditions of transfer. If customers are looking for a solution to these problems and acknowledge one or more advantages of scrap metal baling, Geelhoed Metal Handling in Nootdorp is the ideal partner. We stand out for our fast service, logistical insight and favorable processing prices.

Besides metal baling, Geelhoed Metaalhandel BV purchases metals from customers in the Netherlands, offer them container services and pick up metals at our customer’s site.

3. What is the vision of your company?

The reason for the existence of Geelhoed Metal Handling can be found in our environment, relations, staff and executive board. If our company wishes to develop in a healthy way, we will make sure the needs of these stakeholders are met in the future as well. In order to do so, we have adopted the Metaal Recycling Federatie (Metal Recycling Federation) codes of conduct. Geelhoed’s main intentions and objectives are: monitoring and improving services, looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, active staff participation in organization improvement and we have objectives for our environment impact. We invest in renewable energy: one of our staff members drives an electric car, we have a charge point for electric cars and are currently busy acquiring solar panels. With those panels we want to make our baling process energy efficient.

Monitoring and improving services Geelhoed Metaalhandel’s strength is our professional and flexible service. Our customers expect adequate service, as agreed with them based on a mutual agreement and our – often long and carefully built – relationship. Our staff has to be convinced that the quality we deliver meets the conditions we agreed on with the customer and that we communicate well with our customers. We work on continuous quality improvement by looking at our activities in a positive albeit critical manner: in that way, we improve results and working atmosphere.

Looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff The quality of the service and the development of the organisation are linked to the wellbeing of our staff and their environment. Both the executive board and staff members are responsible for taking care of good labour conditions. We are encouraging and maintaining continuous interaction between the executive board and staff members.

Objectives for the environment We try to limit the environmental impact of our activities as much as we can, both on-site and on location. We pay attention to processing, transportation, storage and destination of the material. We meet, at minimum, all relevant environmental laws and permit requirements, but in many ways we do more.

Active staff participation in organisation improvement Since April 2008, Geelhoed Metaalhandel is certified with the MRF Keurmerk (MRF Quality Label) to bring our vision into practice. This is an annual certification which is a good instrument to maintain and improve the organisation’s professionalism. We are interested in keeping our existing customers and attracting new ones. These are important conditions for healthy company development; it entails a contribution to the environment, preservation of employment and continuation of a healthy organization. These factors are of interest to everybody.

4. Please give us some more information about the scrap metal baling service you provide.

A Lindemann RAS III-44 scrap baler is installed at the Geelhoed site in Nootdorp, which enables us to work efficient and to be flexible and service-oriented. Geelhoed is capable of baling aluminum (offset, turnings, shades, wire, foils etc.) copper (wire, shreds, mill-berry, pipe etc.), zinc, lead, stainless steel and iron (packet size in cm: 40-40-variable length). Please note that most turnings can also be processed by our scrap baler. Customers can supply and pick up the metals at our company site or we can prepare the metals for optimal transport, export, warehousing and handling. You can find a film of the baling process on our website.

Furthermore, Geelhoed has modern trailers and equipment to sort and prepare pallets and load them onto shipping containers. An average of 20 to 40 (depending on the material) tonnes of scrap metal is baled at our company per day. Our scrap baler changes a pile of metals into a neat bale in 30 seconds and is capable of producing approximately 600 bales per day, depending on their size.

5. In what way does Geelhoed distinguish itself from other companies?

Most of our customers return to us not just for our quick service, fair prices and friendly and experienced staff, but most of all for our proven reliability. We bale all of the metals you bring to our site and you get the same amount back as you brought in 😉 Being a small-scale baling company also has other advantages: we are very flexible. Even customers with a one-off charge are welcome.

Once we asked our customers why they chose to let ús bale their metals. They told us: “Geelhoed is efficient ánd reliable.” and: “They always check whether the batch is clean so we receive good quality bales. The staff is kind and everything looks tidy.” Of course we are very happy to have such a good reputation.

We combine our long-time experience of the metal trading business (in which we also operate) with our baling services. A unique combination! We know exactly which quality demands are set for bales by the smelting companies.

Besides, we have excellent capacities for planning. And more importantly: we keep to our agreements. We are flexible and are always able to meet your requirements within a rather short time span.